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Introduction to International labor organization and convention

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International labor organization:

After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles included the first constitution of a new International Labor Organization (ILO) founded on the principle that "labor is not a commodity", and that "peace can only be established if it is based on. social justice". The main purpose of this organization is to coordinate with the labor law by publishing Conventions. The members of this organization are allowed to voluntarily ratify and adopt the Conventions. For example, the first Hours of Work (Industry) Convention, which was held in 1919, required almost 48 hours of weeks and it has been ratified by 52 out of a total of 185 members states. At the abogado de inmigracion houston texas, you can get the information related to immigration attorney houston and us business immigration lawyers houston.


In the end, the United Kingdom did not agree to clarify the Convention, as did many existing EU members, although the Working Time Directive adopts its principles, subject to individual opt-out. The constitution of the ILO is classified as core under the 1944 Declaration of Philadelphia and eight conventions of the 1998 Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. These need the freedom to get join the union, abolition of forced labor (29 and 105), take action and bargain collectively (Conventions No. 87 and 98), vanishment of labor by children before the end of compulsory school (138 and 182), and no discrimination att work (No. 100 and 111). Members which are in adherence with the main Conventions are obligatory, even if the country has not confirmed the Convention in question.

To ensure compliance, the ILO is limited to gathering evidence and reporting on the progress of member states, relying on publicity for reform. Global reports on core standards are produced annually, while individual reports on countries ratifying other conventions are compiled bi-annually or on a less frequent basis. incorporating labor standards in the World Trade Organization's (WTO) operation has been proposed Because the ILO's enforcement mechanisms are weak.

Unlike the ILO, violations of WTO rules recognized by dispute settlement procedures leave the country open to retaliation through trade sanctions. This may include the reinstatement of targeted tariffs against the offender. Supporters of the ILO have requested for a “social clause” to be included in the GATT agreements, such as, by modifying Article XX, which gives us an exception that allows imposition of sanction so of breaches of human rights.

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